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The concept for The Pieced Palette began when we moved into a "real home" and started to decorate it. Of course, it would have been easy to open a catalog to a beautiful page or walk into an already decorated showroom, point to something and say "We'll take it!". No, we learned we had a fierce "uniqe streak" and had to love whatever we brought into our home. We waited until just the right pieces came along. Sometimes, if not too costly, we had things custom made.

No surprise then, when time to accessorize, we found that althought there were very lovely items out there, they weren't quite exactly right for us. Either the colors were wrong or the choices were just too commercial. We were, in a word, "picky".

Remember Mrs. Blanding from Mr. Balding Builds His Dream House? The decorating scene from the movie is quite humorous, but it hits (pardon the pun) "home". One can say that The Pieced Palette shares her philosophy of decorating: take the right green from here, pair it with the right blue from there and add the right gold accents from yet somewhere else and combine them in interesting ways, always with the eye of pulling together the existing drapes, rugs and upholstery to finish the room "just right".

What is "just right" varies from person to person. Given our eclectic tendencies, we love it all - Traditional, Contemporary, Floral, Geometric, Colorful, Monochromatic, you name it. We feel that not only is all fabric glorious art in itself, it is also art waiting to happen.  We look forward to working with you to make artful fabric accessories for your home that are "just right" for you. Let us explore your color palette together.