What is your reservation policy?/I want to order but I do not know what college/graduate school the student will attend yet:

Our graduation pillows are very popular. We recommend that you email us/fill out the form to RESERVE a pillow for your graduate as soon as possible, even if it is a year or two ahead of time. We hold all reservations, requesting a deposit in late April/early May of the graduation year. EXCEPTION - if another client requests a student you have reserved, we will immediately contact you and ask you for your deposit. At this point you may either pay the deposit or give up your reservation.

I am afraid that the student will be accepted off a waitlist after the pillow is made:

You may give a card now saying that their pillow will be ready in August - in time for their leaving for school. We can make graduation pillows year-round for any graduation year.  If they are accepted off the waitlist before August, just let us know and we will make it earlier.

I think the student may transfer after freshman year:

Our policy is to replace the pillow cover for any student that transfers after their freshman year only. The student would contact us and then ship the pillow to us - we will replace the cover and ship it back. The student will be responsible for only the shipping cost - the new cover is free. THIS IS ONLY FOR TRANSFERS AFTER FRESHMAN YEAR - THIS IS NOT FOR WAITLISTS, NOR IS IT FOR STUDENTS WHO TRANSFER EARLIER OR LATER IN THEIR COLLEGE CAREER.