So...how did you come up with that?!? We hear that a lot. Every aspect of our custom work is planned meticulously - combining size, shape, color, texture and originality into a one-fo-a-kind treasure. Here are some show-and-tells about our creation stories - enjoy!

Make One Like Lexi's!

originally posted on 6/24/11

Our client saw the pillow we made for Lexi and wanted us to adapt it for Rachel, with one important difference - she wanted the invitation incorporated into the design.

Here's what the client saw - Lexi's pillow:

Lexi's pillow - the inspiration!

Here's Rachel's invitation:

The was actually a challenge, because what is so striking about Lexi's pillow is that is a mass of pink, with some white and grey highlights - it is a dark pillow with light accents.  Rachel's invitation would make a light pillow with dark accents.  pretty, but not what the client wanted. After thinking about it for awhile, the design approach took shape: we would make a 2-sided pillow.

This side is very Lexi-like. We took the name from the invitation and digitized it into embroidery, then applied concentric rectangles of a cool sequin-flower trim:

The flip side has the invitation, and uses the same trim as the front to bring it all together:

The client was pleased:

This is more than I ever hoped for! This is beautiful, I am definitely going to do this again! M.C, Mount Kisco, NY