So...how did you come up with that?!? We hear that a lot. Every aspect of our custom work is planned meticulously - combining size, shape, color, texture and originality into a one-fo-a-kind treasure. Here are some show-and-tells about our creation stories - enjoy!

how the invitation becomes the perfect wedding gift!!!

Our client wanted to incorporate the invitation and the bride and groom's monogram into a pillow - that's a 2-sided pillow!  We also wanted to use the linens from their registry, so we bought some of their sage green silk curtains.  Read below for the creation story:


Since the couple chose their linens from a popular store, we purchased a set of ready-made curtains and used the fabric for the pillow.

Side 1 We scanned the invitation and printed it on silk. What's interesting is the that silk fabric used has a transparent quality - so when it as placed on top of the blue/green curtain, the invitation no longer looked creme-colored.  What to do? We auditioned several fabrics to place under the silk to block the blue/green and to warm up the printed silk. Here is a photo of the audition - white, deep rust, rosy rust and a mauve. We chose the rosy rust.

We added a relatively thick braided trim around the edges, and side 1 was complete.

Side 2 - the monogram. We identified the typeface from the invitation and used that for the embroidered initials. We located a silky thread to match the base fabric, as well as a textured ivory/creme fabric for the background for the lettering.

First we tried the same trim from the outside of the pillow - it overpowered the monogram.  What to do?

WAIT! Inspiration strikes! We disassembled the leftover trim and braided the ribbons together to outline the monogram.  We used four of the six strands of ribbon, then outlined the oval - first with the braid, and then again with a single green ribbon.

Here's a closeup:

The client was pleased.

It's beautiful - so much more beautiful than I could have imagined. I'm sure they will treasure it!