So...how did you come up with that?!? We hear that a lot. Every aspect of our custom work is planned meticulously - combining size, shape, color, texture and originality into a one-fo-a-kind treasure. Here are some show-and-tells about our creation stories - enjoy!

An Unusual Elegant Wedding Pillow

orignally posted on 6/25/12

Sometimes the design for an invitation pillow is very apparent, and other times the idea takes a while to take shape. The design for Charlotte and Gabriel's wedding invitation pillow took some thinking. Here is the invitation:


The invitation package had various embossed cards with both elegant and whimsical elements. Take a look:

We noticed that the envelope liner was beautiful, and we made it important to the eventual design. The liner screamed "PRINT ME ON SILK"...and so we did, using it as the basis of the front and the entire back of the pillow - cleaning it up and copying it and rotating it to a get a larger fluid design:

The front of the pillow became the couple's name, drawn from the "Toast Card" (pictured above, top of the doublet)...we photoshopped it, as the font was not available, and placed it on top of the silk from the liner with some simple but complimentary trim. Voila!