So...how did you come up with that?!? We hear that a lot. Every aspect of our custom work is planned meticulously - combining size, shape, color, texture and originality into a one-fo-a-kind treasure. Here are some show-and-tells about our creation stories - enjoy!



Josh had a very cool invitation - or should we say invitations?!  The card for the service was traditional - shades of blue with white - with a tallis image.  The other was bright and colorful and in a comic book style. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words...

The comic book side was mounted on a board for the party We created it by setting the invitation within a thin red rectangle, then placing a complementary pattern in the colors of the invitation as the border. We think it coordinates well...


The side announcing the service had a tallis with fringe as the upper third of the invitation. We took the fringe, elongated it and created an outer border as you see below.

It's here and it's fabulous! Many thanks! B.R. California