So...how did you come up with that?!? We hear that a lot. Every aspect of our custom work is planned meticulously - combining size, shape, color, texture and originality into a one-fo-a-kind treasure. Here are some show-and-tells about our creation stories - enjoy!


Dog Photo Pillow

Chester was an 85 lb brown English Lab. He was gentle and easy going as Labs usually are but he was also his own man. He became part of the family when they needed him most - during a health crisis - and he lived up to the challenge in every way. Chester was most definitely a healer.

Grandpa loved Chester. He would call each day and ask "how's the hund?".  In fact, this pillow was created for Grandpa so he could have the joy of seeing Chester every day.

Chester passed away too soon at age seven from adenocarcinoma.  While he will always be missed, he'll always be sitting in his special spot on his favorite couch.

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